May 3, 2014

My Morning Run. Go longish or go home.

Last Saturday the warm weather forced me to head home short of my goal. Nicer temps today, just that annoying wind was back, or really, hadn't left. My goal today was 16 miles but I went an extra mile. Here's what I saw along the way and the three marathons options that motivated me.  

It's spring time in the Midwest...finally.

Joggin' on down the road. 17 miles total. 

Planting time.

I promise it's not mine.

More spring time.

After the rightward bend, it's all up hill (and it's steeper than it looks)' the downhill.

Nice looking row of trees. 

Mt. Zion (aka Kickapoo Church) south of town.


It was for sale "as is". No one bought it because it was trash so the city razed the mess and is converting the property into a park. 

The three marathons I'm considering this summer are:

Whitefish Point Marathon in the upper peninsula of Michigan along Lake Superior shoreline. It's a 9-10 hour drive from Charleston but it might be worth it. Registration is an unheard of $35, it's very low key and is on June 14. 

Grand Island Marathon, also a Yupper and also a 9-10 drive. The marathon runs around Grand Island, just off the shore of Lake Superior. You take a ferry out to the Island and have to swim back. (Just kidding about the swim part.) It's a little more expensive than Whitefish in part due to the ferry charge but it may be too beautiful to pass up on July 26.


The Utah Valley Marathon
It's the same day as Whitefish so this is more of a back-up option.