October 26, 2009

Why not?

Tecumseh Trail Marathon
December 5th

October 17, 2009

Food Rules

After reading a list of food rules on a New York Times webpage, I thought I'd pass along my favorites and add one of my own.

Obvious but sound advice.

Makes perfect sense.

I need to eat more fruit.

The above rule is so true now that I think about it. Once a food stops tasting good, stop tasting it.

Healthy food may be expensive but so is surgery and medicine.

I would add random eating or snacking. I never pray over a chocolate chip cookie.

A good sound rule that I need to remember more often. In today's society we don't need to always "clean our plates" or "get our money's worth".

I like this one. It coincides with the Mormon fast offerings program if you include giving your dinner to a neighbor.

Here's what I tell my students.
"There is no magical food, there is no evil food. Just eat less. In particular less sugar, startch, and fat and replace them with more fruit, vegetables, and whole grains."
(Disclaimer: I need to be better and practice what I preach.)