September 9, 2007

Run slow, ski fast...ride far!

My brothers Tom and Bob and his two sons, John and Brian, completed in the 200 mile Lotoja Bike race. Below are the elevation map and their results. Well done men!

Click here for the Lototja website.

September 8, 2007

A wet 12 miles

I couldn't talk myself into signing up for the Air Force Marathon next week so I went for a 12 mile run this morning. I got caught in a down pour after 8 miles. I found cover under the Church of God's driveway overhang. Just as I was about to leave, Dr. Stan Hoffman, pulled up in his truck . He goes to that church. He along with Tom Woodall gave me a treadmill a year ago just to make sure my heart functioning properly.

September 3, 2007

To Run or Not To Run?

I love how tall and thin my shadow makes me look early in the morning.

My Labor Day run. 18.0 miles with a 0.5 mile "cool down". I ran along the bike trail north of town out to the BP gas station for a bottle of Powerade and a Pay Day candy bar, my new favorite energy bar. I like that it doesn't melt like chocolate bars and has some salt in it. Along the way I saw at least 6 deer, a multitude of rabbits, and Rob Ulm, local ultramarathoner although he was on his bike cruising the trail. In fact, I didn't see another runner. Only cyclist along the trail which is fine. I'd rather be passed by people on bikes than other runners.

My runs over the last month. I can't decide if I'm ready (or if I want) to run the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, OH on September 15th.