June 27, 2014

My Morning Run. A Turtle and A Train.

I picked up a running buddy just south of the First Baptist church. Not very talkative but he (she?) set a nice pace. 

The corn is getting high but only has a week to reach an elephants eye (between miles 2 and 3)

A railroad runs west of town. Just off the track where the railroad crosses a road I found this cement block embedded with a plate that gives the elevation. (About mile 3)

Charleston is around 696 feet above sea level but I don't see that number or one close to it on the plate. I'll have to look closer the next time I run out that way. 

I read one time that running on railroad ties helped with pre-ski condition. I guess it primes those agility reflexes that keep you on your toes. Not that I ski much any more, but once in a while I'll run along this rail road west of town just to break things up or, as with today's run, for the shade (between miles 3 and 4). It cut's a about a half mile off my run but I could make the up at the end and the shade was nice. I remember taking Paige and Ben on a "hike" along this section of railroad back when we first move to town.

So halfway down the tracks I meet this guy. I let him pass offering no resistance. 

Even if I didn't meet up with the train while this bridge, it's short enough to avoid a Stand By Me episode. 

Looking back (south) from the bride.

I made up the the half mile by running through a neighborhood near home. I saw this statue on Seneca Drive of a boy pushing a girl on a swing. They place it under a large tree who it looks real life. Pretty cool. 

Yesterday I spoke to the EIU Distance Running camp on running nutrition and other stuff. The camp directors gave me a nice EIU Cross Country team shirt and hat. The team is sponsored by Adidas (I wish it was Brooks Shoes) which surprised me but frankly, I'm getting tired of that ubiquitous swoosh in college athletics.

Today's run. 

So recently I passed this running milestone. It took just over 7 years. It's really nothing compared to real runners but it's something to me.

Hey, that's where I work! Actually I work in Lantz Arena (left and middle) in the part of the building just about the fountain and not Stephenson Hall, the tall one to the right.

June 4, 2014

My Morning Run. Clouds are Cool.

In January I decided to cut back on the caffeine and that's meant, for most days, a single glass of diet Coke. But then Thursday night I dreamed that I was looking for a Dr. Pepper to drink before going skiing. Friday the dream change to a pre-marathon Dr. Pepper search. Two nights of dreams about the dark nectar was sure to be a sign. Perhaps my subconscious informed my dream center that I was planning a 16 mile run Saturday morning. Well, it worked. Up I woke, down a Dr. Pepper and banana, and put on my Saucony's. Good to go. 

This is not my Dr. Pepper can.

One mile from home is the EIU football stadium and outdoor track. It's state high school track and field meet time and that means Big Al breaks out his lemon shake-up trailer for the summer. If you haven't had a lemon shake-up it's like drinking a tumbler of sugar water with a pinch of lemon. Like fry sauce in Utah, they are way over rated by Illinoisans, if you ask me.

Big Al's Lemon Shake-ups.

About two miles from home and on the west edge of town are the Lincolnshire Apartments, our first home in Charleston back in 1990. We lived in a three bedroom apartment on Union Street for 18 months. 

Our first street. 

I was blessed with a cloud covered sky that filtered the sun's rays down to a very bearable minimum.


The mostly deserted Brown Shoe Company stands just off the bike trail. It reminds me of seeing Buster Brown Shoes at Keith O'Brian's in Logan. I always thought they were ugly. 

Buster Brown Shoe Company

Buster Brown Shoes

Ah, the bike trail. This is looking east toward the the beginning of the trail. Being a old railroad line, the trail typically has a right and a left lane to it. This section doesn't get as much traffic thus the weed covered right (or south) lane. 

I took the trail least traveled (right) and it made no difference.

With the cold winter behind us, I think most farmers have their fields planted but that's not why I took this pictures. I took it because I was still grateful for a sky of clouds to cool my way.
I love clouds on a sunny day.

 Running past Charleston High football stadium I spotted this wig on the crossing sign. I don't think it's Molly's but it reminded me of the picture of her wearing great-grandma Freeman's wig. Molly, let me know if you want this wig and I'll go back and look for it.
Flipped your wig?

There it is. A 16 mile deposit in the bank of preparation for the Grand Island Marathon in July. 

Mile 1 - Big Al's
Mile 2 - Union Street
Mile 5 - Sunrise
Mile 9 - Brown Shoe Company
Mile 10 - Trail less traveled
Mile 11 - Clouds
Mile 14 - Missing Wig