January 16, 2014

My Morning Run. Wish I Had A Beard.

Southern end of Panther Trail looking west. There was a strong cross wind from the south. 

Looking east just behind the baseball field. I stood next to a tree to block the 15-20 mph winds. 

I started in the lower right corner and did two clockwise laps of the Panther Trail. On the second lap, I stopped to take a picture at the south end (bottom) of the trail where my iPhone gave up and stopped working altogether. I reset it at the north end (top) of the trail and it assumed I ran straight from the south to the north end, thus the dotted line to the left. The same thing happened a little later on and my iPhone didn't recover until I got home, thus the second dotted line. I estimate that I ran 1.5 miles further than the 2.87 miles indicated. 

January 11, 2014

My Morning Run, Slush

Old Main thawing. The foot of snow left quickly once the rain came. 
Blair Hall.