October 30, 2010

Child and Family Support Center Race

I don't know if I've ever ran two races in the same day but I'm sure I've never run one in Wellsville, UT before but shortly after the Emmett Family Fun Ultra 5K we headed to the west end of the valley to run a charity race for The Child and Family Support Center. Thanks to Laura for telling us about the race with a 1 mile, 5K or 10K option.

 I've never had number 1 before. Too bad I didn't run like I deserved it.

 At the 1 mile and 5K starting line.

 I don't know why I'm looking at my watch.

 Polly smells victory.

 High fives for the fat old man.

Emmett Family Fun Ultra 5K Run

October 9th was the first (and last?) Emmett Family Fun Ultra 5K Run complete with sweet T-shirts in Livestrong yellow (Thanks, Tom). The course started and ended at Twin Pine Ranch with one lap around Adams park before running to and back from Norda's Mountain Outfitters. It was an resounding success. I'm pretty sure we eliminated some disease. Costumes were encouraged so we start with Tom (best in show) and Molly and Erin (tied for second).

Uncle Dash with his niece Debbie and his other niece Debbie.
 Tom was thrilled to win Best in Show.

 Bruce must be upset that he didn't register in time and therefore couldn't run.

 YPR with DP, Katie, Laura, Clark and Adrienne

 Lesa was willing to hold Clara

 Amanda, Jim and Emily.

 The Illinios Emmett klan

 Paige ready to cruise.

 Ben read to run, Courtney ready to watch and Clara ready to snooze.

 Jim obviously ignoring the two Debbies.

All warmed up and ready to run/ride

 Dash sets the pace.

 Only Laura is wearing a helmet. 

 Sailing right along past the temple.

 Pacing themselves for a strong finish.

 Dashing past the Tabernacle

Waiting for red light to change at Center and Main. Keep those heart rates up!

 Aid station at Nordas!

 Ad, Laura and Emily pulling into Nordas.

 Best aid station ever! Thanks.

 Typical Dash. What a card. 

 Sam tunes into some Celine Dion for the second half.

 Cyclists bringing up the rear waiting to pick up any fatigued runners.

 Finish! Not sure who won but it didn't matter because in the EFFU5K, everyone is a winner.

 More "winners".
Okay, never carbo load with fettucini alfredo.