April 12, 2014

My Morning Run. Come Let Us (Me) Run Anew.

This post has something to do with resolutions. My new year resolutions are still ongoing. 
1. Read the Old Testament cover to cover. I'm currently bogged down in Leviticus but that's mostly due to a focus on reading about the Holy week in preparation for Easter. I'll get back to all those sacrificial rules after Easter. 
2. Drink less diet Coke, Dr. Pepper and caffeine in general. I typical have one a day but that's way down from my previous intake volume.
3. More effective prayers. I feel this is happening but still could be much better. 

Motivated by the success with those resolutions, I added a new one right before spring break week in March; to run more. In order to do this I decided to get up when Lesa does at 5:00 a.m., study the scriptures for an hour-ish and then run or ride the stationary bike for an hour-ish except on Sundays and one other weekday of my choosing. I also resolved to do more core and upper body exercises after my cardio stuff. Sit-ups, crunches, etc. The first couple of weeks were a little challenging mostly because of the weather. Even though it was March, it was still cold—and windy—at 6:00 a.m. But, it's been worth it. After two and a half weeks my pants fit looser, my back didn't ache as much, I was running less slowly, and I just all around felt better. Not too bad.

I can't say it's a new me but I like the collective affects of these resolutions. Now that spring has finally arrive to the Midwest, the green grass and shoots of lilies remind me that we can change, year to year. Hopefully, next April I have mastered these resolutions and add from my seemingly eternally long list of flaws new ones to conquer.

I'm pretending to train for the Utah Valley Marathon just incase I actually end up doing it this year. Today as my 14-15 miler. I head south of town to get in some hills but at one point...

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less [hilly],
And that has made all the difference.

In other words, I turned north away from the hilly terrain. I don't think I would have ran 14 miles on the hilly southern route. 

I saw this guy waving me along the bike path. He sits atop Gano Welding Supplies. He seemed really friendly. 

Graffiti on the train underpass. Beautiful, no?

Lilies popping up in the front yard. Looks like spring.

My route.