June 1, 2007

Ogden Marathon (#19)

When: March, 2007.
Who: Bill and Michael (his first marathon). Tom and Shelly ran the half marathon.
Recall: Beautiful scenery the whole way. I especially enjoyed looking up at Snow Basin, etc. A good deal of shade and only a few block of running on a city street. Best of all was Polly joining me the last 40 yards!
Overall: Beautiful course with the downhill towards the end. Some traffic concerns but nothing that bothered me. Just didn't feel right from the start but had a fun time none the less.
Rating: 4/5 carbs.

Spring Break, March 2007

When: March, 2007.
Where: The Beav.
Who: Various members of the whole fam damily.
Overall: Great spring (fast) skiing! No powder but plenty of sunshine and excellent company. Thanks, as usual goes to Tom for the equipment and John and Norda for the food and lodging. I feel bad that Dad's so called friends left him behind which resulted in him waiting for me in the Tahoe while the battery wore down. Luckily, one of the sluggards in the ski shop was able to give us a jump.
Rating: 5/5 tots.

Dean and The Tecumseh Marathon (#18)

When: October, 2006.
Who: Me with Lesa, Paige, Lorin and Polly as the support team.
Recall: This was one of Dean's 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. Who knew a marathon could turn into a "fun run" but it did. Dean got lost early on and so the whole group waited for him. Later, the group I was running with were asked to wait for another group of runners who got lost. It was great to have Lesa, Paige, Lorin and Polly waiting for me at the finish line.
Overall: Second time and loved it. Better scenery than in December.
Rating: 5/5 carbs.

Here's what Dean had to say.

Tecumseh Trail Marathon, Indiana
Number of Runners: 55 (filled to capacity)
Elevation: 591’
Time: 4:45:21
Weather: 44 degrees, partly cloudy
Hardcore. That’s the best way to describe today’s marathon. Along with the 3,500 feet of climbing, most of the course was on technical single-track trail, with numerous stream crossings, hordes of logs and branches to climb over and navigate around, deep pocket of mud, slippery rocks, and gnarled tree roots hiding silently under thick canopies of fallen leaves.
The switchbacks were difficult to follow, and if you looked up for a trail marker, it was easy to stumble and fall, which many people did, including yours truly (multiple times, in fact). A lot of the runners were cut and scratched from falling or getting snagged on the thorny bushes that we passed through. I’ve spent some time on the trails over the years, and this trail run was as challenging as any.
Arriving at the start this morning was surreal. We were miles from the nearest town, out on a desolate39_indianaroadway, and there were fifty-five beaming runners raring to go, fourteen of whom had never run a marathon before. Other than the couple of runners who had been here before, I’m not sure many of us had any idea what we were in for. After starting on our way, the course almost immediately hit single-track trail, and within a mile I had an inclination that this was going to be an interesting and different sort of day. My expectations were fulfilled.
There were very few sections along this course that were flat. You were either climbing or descending the entire way. Most of the route was in thick foliage, making it sometimes difficult to see ahead, and the trail was covered in leaves, compounding the navigational complexities. We traversed countless switchbacks, some ascending and some descending, and skirted several creeks and ravines. At a number of points we got lost and had to retrace our steps to get back on the path.
Yet for all the challenges, the setting was absolutely beautiful. Running on trails refreshes the senses; being out in nature renews the mind, body, and spirit. Today was about enjoying the elements and the wonders of the natural world. The colors of the leaves, the smells of earth and of the water, the sunlight streaming through the trees, and the crackle of twigs underfoot were all engaging and invigorating. It was impossible not to get swept up in it, even after miles of running.
When we finally did cross the finish line, my GPS read 27.5 miles. Those couple wrong turns added a bit39_indiana_ivof distance, so today was the first “ultramarathon” of the Endurance 50. But it was also a day I will never forget, especially for those first-time marathoners that made it. I couldn’t even imagine tackling this course as your first marathon. Your second will feel like a walk in the park.
At the finish, when we didn’t have to worry about tripping over branches, I was able to chat more freely with the other runners. The group today was comprised of some truly amazing people. A father/daughter running team, a professional golfer elated to have finished his first marathon, a state Superintendent of Schools, and a gentleman who couldn’t run a mile a year ago and had lost 100 lbs and completed his first marathon today.
Many, if not most, were scratched and scrapped from the trail. But, remarkably, I did not hear one complaint from the group, not so much as even the slightest hint at a gripe. On the contrary, people were incredibly thankful and gracious for the extraordinary adventure we shared together. They were nothing but smiles and compliments, despite the cuts, lacerations, and muscle cramps. If I could somehow bottle all this positive energy and spread it around the globe, the world would be a better place.
All the best from the trails of Indiana,

My Own Private Marathon (#17)

When: September, 2006.
Who: Me with Lesa, Molly and Erin as the support team.
Recall: This was a make-up marathon since I was too sick to run the Lewis and Clark marathon a week earlier. I loved the course (I should I made it up) and the fact that I won the whole kit and kaboodle! I did, however, miss not having traffic control even though Charleston doesn't have much traffic. I'm writing up experience and we'll see if Marathon and Beyond wants to publish it.
Overall: I'm glad I did it. Who knows it may be worth doing again some time?
Rating: 4.5/5 carbs. (Not many spectators)

Berryman Trail Marathon (#16)

When: Memorial Day weekend, 2006.
Who: me and Lesa as support team.
Recall: Beautiful course. Warm weather for the end of May.
Overall: Had a great time. Would definitely do it again.
Rating: 4.5/5 carbs

Fast Runners Wear Hats...Top of Utah (#15)

When: September, 2005
Who: Bill, Ben, Tom and Shelly with the family in support.
Recall: Stuck with Ben until he left me at mile 17. I didn't catch him until I crossed the finish line 7 minutes after he did. He finished in 4 hours even.
Overall: One of my favorite races and my best time.
Rating: 5/5 carbs!

Ben, Bill, and Tom and the Park City Marathon (#14)

When: June, 2005.
Who: Bill, Tom, and Ben (his first).
Recall: Worrying about Ben who left Tom and me early on but not only did he do great but he won his age division. Tom was nice enough to hang with me when my legs fell off at mile 20.
Overall: The course? Loved it. The hill at mile 17? Not so much.
Rating: 4.5/5 carbs.

The Derby Marathon (#13)

When: May, 2005.
Who: me with Lesa as support team.
Recall: I found a portable generator to stand by to keep warm at the start. Most of the runners ran the half marathon so there was a noticeable difference when they split off; it was like running a whole different race once. I liked the course even though I didn't get to run inside Churchill Downs, like they do now.
Overall: I'd like to run this one again, in fact I'd do this marathon over the Country Music Marathon which is held the same day. After the race we went back to Churchill Downs to watch the ponies run.
Rating: 5/5 carbs.

Skiing the 'bird

Dad, Ben and me at Snowbird over Christmas break. Not the best skiing that day but I was there mostly for the association.

Ben and the Memphis Half Marathon

When: December, 2004
Who: Just the boys.
Recall: Road trip for me and Ben. He beat me as usual. Afterwards we toured the Gibson guitar factory. The picture was taken in front of Elvis on Beal Street.
Overall: Great time with my favorite son.
Rating: 5/5 mini-carbs

Another run at Chicago (#12)

When: October, 2004.
Who: Shelly and Tom with Lesa as support.
Recall: I blew it and got us stuck in the back at the start and we it was too hard to pass people when you're running shoulder to shoulder but we had a great time. They improved the course. No more running under the McCormick Center. The steak for dinner was excellent.
Overall: Another great weekend in the Windy City!
Rating: 5/5 stuffed pizzas!

Lakeshore Marathon (#11)

When: Memorial Day, 2004.
Who: me with Lesa, Molly and Erin as the support team.
Recall: Did you hear the one about the marathon that was longer than 26.2 miles and ran out of water at the aid-stations? Well, that was The Lakeshore Marathon in Chicago. It happened again the following year which was it's last.
Overall: I like the course but I'm one of those people who like aid stations and courses that are actually 26.2 miles.
Rating: 4/5 stuffed pizzas.

Ben and The Country Music Marathon, 2004 (#10)

When: April, 2004
Who: Ben and me with Lesa as the support team.
Recall: The start was postponed due to a thunderstorm which was kind of neat. Ben ran the half-marathon while I went on to do the full marathon. Lesa and Ben saw Calvin Smith (from Charleston) at mile 19 and were surprised he finished but he's now 70-something and is still running marathons.
Overall: Probably my least favorite marathon. I didn't like the course.
Rating: 3/5 gee-tars

Tecumseh Trail Marathon. (#9)

When: December, 2002.
Who: Me and Lesa as support.
Recall. I took some pics along the way with my new cell phone. For a while they were still posted on the races website. Also, there was this picture of my shoes that Lesa took. She later sold to and was published in Marathon and Beyond!
Overall: First trail run and I loved it. Lesa was able to do some Christmas shopping in Bloomington, IN while I ran so we both had a great time.
Rating: 5/5 muddy shoes

Tom, Shelly and The Top of Utah, Redux. (#8)

When: September, 2003
Who: Bill, Tom, and Shelly with Lesa and other family members in support.
Recall: Heavy, tight legs the whole second half. Other than that I loved the company, the course, the weather, etc. Tom going for the Krispie Kreme donuts at mile 17.
Overall: Not the most enjoyable but fun none the less. We did get to see Paige who had just got married a month before and was living in Utah.
Rating: 3.5/5 carbs

The Flying Pig Marathon (#7)

When: April, 2003.
Who: Me and Lesa as my support team.
Recall: We had a hard time finding a good place to eat the night before but I had one of my best marathons anyway. After the hill at mile 8 I relaxed and had a great time. Thanks to Lesa and finding me at mile 19 with a cold Dr. Pepper.
Overall: One of my most enjoyable marathons.
Rating: 5/5 flying pigs

Back to Memphis (#6)

When: December, 2002.
Who: Me, the ghost of Elvis, and Lesa as support team.
Recall: A different and much better course than in 2000. I liked the run down Beal Street, through the Liberty Bowl and the finish in Auto Zone Stadium. Lesa and I had a great time in downtown Memphis.
Overall: The course was fun except for too much slope on the side of the road along the last few miles.
Rating: 4.5/5 carbs.

Bill (Tom and Shelly) and the Chicago Marathon (#5)

When: October, 2002
Who: Bill, Tom, Shelly with Lesa and Lorie as support team.
Recall: Trying to stay with Bill which worked until mile 18. At least the first 18 miles were fun. Other fun stuff was the boat tour, all the great food, and the association.
Overall: No one of my best races but it was Chicago and the whole weekend was great fun.
Rating: 4.5/5 Carbs

Ethan and The Washington D.C. Marathon (#4)

When: March, 2002.
Who: Ethan Garrett with Lesa as the support team.
Recall: This was the first and only D.C. Marathon, March 2002. It was canceled the next year and the organizers gave up after that. I ran with Ethan Garrett who was running his first marathon. The pace car, a new VW hybrid, malfunction and they played "Another One Bites the Dust" as I approach the finish line. We stayed at the Marriott which gave Lesa a great advantage point to see us a couple of times during the race.
Overall: It was fun to see all the sites along the way. Had a great time but it got a little hot towards the end which made the last couple of miles a little rough.
Rating: 3/5 carbs.

2002 Spring Break

Fast skiing with dad and the brothers. Deer Valley, UT.

2002 SLC Winter Olympics

30,000 and The Chicago Marathon and (#3)

When: October, 2001.
Who: Just me with Lesa in support.
Recall: I was scheduled to fly to Utah for a Sports Medicine conference and also run the Top of Utah Marathon in September, 2001 but the conference got canceled due to 9/11 so I scrambled to register for The Chicago Marathon. I was able to get in despite registering only a month before the race.I started out slow and then at mile 8 I realized I felt good so I picked up the pace and had one of my best long runs ever. One of the first races where my split times could be sent to Lesa's cell phone. Cool.
Overall: Great experience. Lesa and I stayed in a creepy hotel just across the street from the start but still had fun. Loved the atmosphere of the whole race from start to finish!
Rating: 5/5 carbs! (Every October since I get the urge to run Chicago)

Brownies and The Memphis Marathon (#2)

: December, 2000.
Who: Brett Bartlett and Tim O'Neil (with the wives in support)
Recall: No Elvis at Graceland, stopping at Church's Chicken to buy a Dr. Pepper at mile 18, taking a brownie from a hippie at mile 21, finishing inside The Pyramid.
Overall: This was the old course that went south to Graceland and then back to The Pyramid. We had rolling hills and a head wind coming back. (Not good.) No IT band problems so I ran faster than at Top of Utah but it's easy to improve upon slow. Tim O'Neil is also from Charleston so I finished third in my city. Again, Brett just missed qualifying for Boston. Bummer.
Rating: 4/5 carbs (mostly for the stories).

IT Band Syndrome and the Top of Utah (#1)

When: September, 2000.
Who: Tom, Bill, John and Brett Bartlett (with Lesa and many others as the support team).
Recall: Snowing at the start, Tom and me laughing, family cheering, great time!
Overall: Still, my most memorable marathon. See Marathon and Beyond, Jan/Feb 2004 for the full story. Tom made it fun enough that I was hooked despite not being able to walk down stairs for a week let along that night at the buffet dinner Dad treated us to. Brett, who flew out from Illinois to try and qualify for Boston, just barely missed but would try again that December in Memphis.
Rating: 5/5 carbs!