November 22, 2011

Not Enough Hay In The Barn

One day while talking to Tom Woodall, a retired cross country coach, about training for marathons he stated that what training you do the few weeks before the marathon are not that critical since "the hey is in the barn." With my last few marathons, my concern has been getting enough hay into the barn to begin with.

A while back I promised myself when I registered for the Tecumseh marathon that I would train hard and be ready by December 3. Ten days away and that promise was broken weeks ago. I got a 19 or 20 mile run in sometime in October but no long runs of any significance since. I have done some hill work but there's 26.2 miles of hills and I could use more endurance. I was going to get a long run in on November 12th but it was REALLY windy so I settled for 14 hilly miles thinking I'd be able to get in a 20 miler next Thursday morning before I leave for a conference. But, nope, that didn't work out nor did the following Saturday. Too much imaginary stress and not enough sleep. Monday morning Erin and I helped deliver food to the needy for the Charleston Firefighters so today was my last chance. But, between the wind and rain, I had to cut things short. So rather than feeling strong with 10 days to go until the marathon I'm wondering if I'm up to 26.2 miles of "over the river and through the woods"? There's nothing I can do now, I can't but anymore hay into the barn. 

13.2 miles.... this.

Indy Monumental Half Marathon, November 2010.

I almost forgot about this one. Beginning in the summer of 2010 I began training for a fall marathon. I decided upon the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on the first Saturday in November. It's one of the few fall marathons on a Saturday in the Midwest. I got an 18 mile training run in while in Logan for dad's funeral but after that I wasn't able to get the miles in that I needed so I dropped down to the half marathon. 

Since it was a half marathon and only 2 hours away, I drove over that morning, picked up my packet, ran the 13.1 miles, and drove home. It was a little chilly but not bad. The course was okay but I hear the second half is worse so the full marathon my not be in my future. Still, Indy is a great city to visit and fun to run. 

My though from the start was let's just get this 13.1 jog-fest over with.

Running past on of the monuments.

Pushing to the finish. 

 Done. Time to go home. 

November 21, 2011

The Illinois Half Marathon, April 30, 2011.

I don't know why it took so long but finally, after getting a new laptop, I get this posted. Despite a busy senior year year Erin was able to put in the training necessary to easily run her first half-marathon in Champaign, IL. I was honored to run it with her. A little windy and chilly but not bad running weather. Of course, the course is flat since it's in Champaign, really mostly Urbana. You have to run the full marathon to see more of Champaign.

Actually the half-marathon was just the beginning; that night was her senior prom. The weather was just a little cool and breezy. Lesa, as usual, was excellent in support finding us at mile 7 and there to greet us at the finish. I just wish I looked at good as Erin does in these pictures.

Erin setting the pace.

Erin still able to smile at mile 12.

 The end is in sight.

Erin out sprints the fat old man to the finish.

Proud papa.